Wednesday, January 30, 2013


STEP ONE: Follow the belt changing instructions. Release your spring latches, release your locking rollers, take your kick stand down, pull your belt out to the left.
NEXT STEP: If you notice your front roller and your reflector on the left side the pin goes through the frame rail, so you need to pull slightly up from the right and work it out of the frame. Follow your left hand lamp lead, disconnect from thermostat. Now you can put your reflector up on the ledge. Disconnect your right hand lead, next step quarter inch, there is two quarter inch bolts on each side, need to unscrew them, try not to put pressure on the block you can crack your ceramics on the end of the bulbs. Also take note the location of the crescent bulb assembly rail, your pin should be on the top when you reassemble also. Once you have your four bolts out, you can take the whole assembly move it to a flatter surface, you will notice a cover on each end that helps to lock in and protect the ceramic end of your bulb. Underneath that is two aluminum blocks with the slot on the bottom that directs your lamp leads, once those are out simply remove your bulb
If you purchased your bulb from us, they will come bubble wrapped, I still highly recommend wearing gloves just because of contaminants. I highly recommend wiping it down with a good alcohol, dries quickly, this is just added protection so you don’t burn a hot spot into your bulb.  Once you wiped it, if you notice closely on the left hand lead it is larger than the right hand lead, that needs to go to the left. Lay your bulb in, I usually lift the reflector put your locks back in place, you have to kind of be careful until you get it locked back down. I have both blocks in my wires coming out the bottom. I will slide these back on.
Now you are ready to put reflectors assembly back in, once again make sure your pins that lock it down into the frame are on the top or your assembly will be reversed.  Same with the right hand side make sure locking pin is to the top. There is only one spot on reflector where you can put your bolts into. Now I have all four started, I am going to tighten them all down. Also important thing to be careful screwing into your reflector, do not cross your thread, they are only aluminum. Now I have the reflector back in sturdy.  First step connect your left hand lamp lead to your thermostat, follow your right hand lead that your bulb is connected again, reassemble start with the left side you need to lock the pin back into the frame rail, the right side just lays in, just keep your assembly loose, with your bulb back in, make sure it clears the transformer underneath. Lock the whole assembly back in once again, red handle , spring latches, now she’s completely back together and should be ready to make a copy. You will need to readjust your speed for you copy being it’s a new bulb and that is it for changing a bulb.

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