Friday, January 25, 2013


National Tattoo Copy Belt Changing Demonstration Video

Video Transcript:

Works for all Standard and 3M Model copiers.

Open your cover, release your two spring latches.  Then release your locking roller, slide your roller back off the frame.  You will see how it engages.  Unlock your support stand.   Always work your belt out to the left.   

Take your new belt, place it over the bottom roller, around the two top rollers, over your tracking roller in back, which is the largest roller.  Sometimes you need to help it over the transformer Get it in there to lay flat, lock your front roller back down on the frame.  Realign your support lock, your latches down, close your lid.  Reengage your safety interlock latches down.  Close your lid.  Reengage your safety interlock switch and your machine is now ready to run with a brand new belt.   

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